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Referral Process:
  • A referral will be considered following a conference call with legal counsel. The Multi-Day Family Therapy Treatment
  • Agreement will be provided to the lawyers and parents prior to the conference call. This Agreement describes the general objectives, specific goals, process of the intervention, the role of the therapists, responsibility of the parents, limits of confidentiality, and fee requirements.
  • An intake package will be sent to the parents. The intake process will proceed upon receipt of the completed intake questionnaires from each parent. An initial retainer is required when the completed intake questionnaires are submitted.
  • The intake process will include review of relevant court orders and individual meetings with each parent. It may also include contact with collateral sources involved with the family, such as a custody & access assessor, parenting coordinator, teachers, other therapists or physicians, as needed.
  • The Multi-Day Family Therapy Treatment Agreement must be executed by both parents and the retainer is required prior to commencing the intervention.

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